Caleb D. Williams


My name is Caleb D. Williams—the D. is for David, a name I inherited from my father.

I am a recent graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, TX with a master's in media and communication. This is in addition to a previously-earned bachelor's in journalism from The University of Oklahoma.

I love media, especially the written word. I have ever since I was on an airplane in the summer of 2005, flying from Houston to London to visit my father.

I remember watching the sun set over Greenland and was struck by how gorgeous it was. So I wrote and I haven't stopped since.

It was this love for writing that inspired me to become a journalism major. It was a collection of passionate and skilled teachers that taught me that I wanted to be more than a writer. I now dabble in a little bit of everything: Web, video, page layout, graphic design.

I love it.

I am a communicator. I am a communicator because deep, meaningful communication is a peculiarly human experience.

We all have messages. We all have stories to tell.

I tell them.

© 2011 Caleb D. Williams